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This site is dedicated to undoing the damage done by the non-dogmatic Catholicism, which plays down basic Roman Catholic beliefs and draws a veil over the damage done by Martin Luther's Protestant Reformation; a Catholicism that is horizontal in mentality and concerned chiefly to participate with others in the building of the human city that, in the last forty years in the countries of the North Atlantic civilizations, has proved such an unmitigated disaster in the history of Roman Catholicism.

Please help us to maintain this list of resources by emailing your observation.  Please also tell us of any other Catholic sites, or sites of interest to Catholics, you believe are worth including, and advise us of any broken links you find. 

ALPHA is an Evangelical systems for gaining converts. It is from the Catholic prospective full of errors, omissions and heresy. Although it uses Catholic terminology it is diametrically opposed to the Catholic faith. In spite of this, many poorly instructed Catholics and even one or two woolly minded priests have latched on to it.  Indeed, even one or two bishops have endorsed it, but these have invariable been men more renowned for their liberal religiosity than their courageous commitment to the Catholic faith, in fact the very main-stream modernists responsible for bringing the Church in the British Isles to its knees.

Aid to the Church in Need An excellent charity which deserves a much higher profile in the UK. The website gives information on the history, goals and structure of the organization. Also available is a collection of the press releases issued recently by ACN which give a guide to the current activities of the charity.

Apologetics (What do Catholics Believe?)  This site answers all your question: the history of the Protestant church, Protestant reformation (Martin Luther), Catholic vs Protestant, Catholics beliefs, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, are Catholics Christians?, etc.  In spite of some of our Modernist shepherds' heretical teaching to the contrary, every Catholic has the grave obligation to seek to proselytise.  This duty was placed on him by God when Christ commanded, "Go make disciples of all nations."  Thus Catholics should seek to convert to the One True Faith all, including unbelievers, Jews, the members of false religions (such as Mohammedans and Hindus), heretics (including Protestants) and schismatics.

Bishops, British  Wrinkly old Catholics like myself can still remember the glorious days before Vatican II when British bishops where men of intellectual and spiritual stature.  In those days, when a Catholic bishop spoke he invariably said something well worth listening to, frequently profound, and even courageous.  Tragically, since Vatican II, most of the sees of the North Atlantic civilizations have been filled by Rome with dreary vacuous bog-standard modernist clones; ecumaniacs who are more concerned about not upsetting the heretical loon who self-styles himself the "Archbishop" of Canterbury, than they are in preaching the One True Faith. If our post-Conciliar "shepherds" actually say anything, it is either some social gospel platitude or lowest common denominator "Christian" bromide. Indeed, the next time a modern English Catholic bishop rises above stating the bleeding obvious, half the old ladies, who now comprise the bulk of Novus Ordo congregations, will probably have strokes.  Over the last thirty plus years, under the leadership of these hirelings, Christ Body in the British Isles has simply haemorrhaged away?  To learn more about some of the "men" who have brought the Church in Mary's Dowry to its knees, follow this link.

Blogs, Catholic  A sample of good Catholic bloggs. Now that most of our western bishops have long abandoned championing the Catholic faith for the safer option of social gospel plaititudes and lowest common denominator Christian bromides, Catholic Blogs have become an indespensible source of information and inspiration for Catholics.

Book Reviews A new site listing books that would make ideal gifts for Catholics who take their faith seriously.

CAFOD  Set up by our Bishops' Conference in 1962, is the official overseas development and relief agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales. It has now become a familiar part of parish and diocesan life.  It is a charity which our bishops continue to urge us to support despite its open dissent from Catholic teaching being common knowledge for years.  The evidence is in, and the verdict is crystal clear: contributing to CAFOD is a grave sin!

Catechism of the Catholic Church  Full text of the Catechism of the Catholic Church with an excellent search engine.

Catenians: The Catenian Association provides practising Catholic laymen and their families with friendship, social activities and support, strengthening family life through friendship and faith.

Catholic Community  A world-wide Catholic search engine. Possibly the most comprehensive and useful guild to Catholic resources on the Internet.

Catholic Document Resource A new site that it is hoped will eventually contain hundreds of documents and articles of interests to Catholics, filed in an easy to locate and retrieve manner. Documents to be included need to meet three criteria: fidelity to the authentic Magisterium of the Church, a certain profundity (not merely skipping on the surface of issues) and some signs of hope and joy. Documents emailed as attachments for consideration are welcomed.

Catholic Unattached Directory An unattached directory run by practising Catholics for practising Catholics. The modern fun way of making new friends and even meeting that someone special.

Charities If you want to know whether a particular charity is ethical, i.e. one that a Catholic can support in good conscience use this link. If you find that you cannot support them, let them know why.

Chartres Pilgrimage: The Pilgrimage to Chartres is an ancient tradition, having been walked by popes, kings and queens (including Louis IX and Mary Queen of Scots), great French writers such as Charles Peguy, and Saints such as St. Bernard, St. Joan of Arc, St. Anselm, St. Vincent de Paul, Louis Martin, Francis de Sales and countless others.

Counter-Reformation (Second)  As the Church in the British Isles rapidly disintegrates under the debilitating and corrosive weight of its Modernist prelates, a number of organizations have sprung up to lead the second counter-Reformation.  These are mostly lead by lay men and women, with input from a few brave priests.  This page gives details of a number of such organizations.

Crusades: Anti-Catholic bigots both without and within the Church would have us believe that the Crusades were an example of the wickedness of the medieval Church.  And they get away with their black propaganda because of the abysmal historical ignorance of almost everybody educated in the last fifty years. 

Eastern Churches: Many Catholics labour under the delusion that the western Latin Rite Church and the Catholic Church are synonymous.  Not so, there are many Eastern (Greek) Rite Catholics in full communion with Rome who are as much part of the one true Church as Latin Rite Catholics.

Education (Catholic Educational Establishments):  Many so-called Catholic educational establishments are now overrun by Modernists and assorted dissenters so cannot be included here.  Only establishments which have a clear Catholic ethos and which are loyal to the authentic Magisterium of the Church are listed.  Catholic home-study resources are also included.

Eternal Word Television Network In contrast to the US hierarchies million dollar attempts at an ecumenical TV station (which folded summer 95) Mother Angelica is utterly dependent on divine providence for every penny. This is the Internet counterpart to Mother Angelica's phenomenally successful TV network. This site is very useful for files, information, apologetics and for an unequalled free daily news service. The new layout is designed primarily to teach the Catholic faith. Although more neo-Catholic than traditional, and somewhat compromised by the involvement of some of its leading lights in such post-Conciliar buffoonery as the Charismatic movement and pope worship, it is nevertheless an orthodox and useful site. To learn how to receive EWTN's television channel in the Europe (including the UK and Ireland) click here.

Evolution: Most of my life I would have loosely described myself as a Darwinist.  This was not a position I held with much enthusiasm for I was far too aware that it was the world view that had underscored Nazism, Communism, abortionism and a host of other evil causes. Then one day one of my sons gave me a copy of Richard Dawkin's the Blind Watchmaker and the scales fell from my eyes; I saw the origin of species by natural selection as just the crazy creation myth of secular liberalism. No Catholic needs to believe that evolution is false, but atheists absolutely need it to be true - was it otherwise, this theory would have been flushed down the WC of science a century ago. 

FAITH  One of the most promising developments in the Church since Vatican ll. The focus of the FAITH movement is a new synthesis of science and the Catholic faith. It offers a perspective on creation through development which shows clearly the transcendent existence of God and the essential distinction of matter and spirit. Linking creation, incarnation, salvation, Church and sacrament in one coherent theology, it presents a dynamic and attractive vision of the faith.  There is an unfortunate and unproductive tension between some traditionalists (who erroneously believe the FAITH movement supports the liberal creation myth of Darwinism) and the FAITH movement - especially those who prefer the slam-bam-job-done-Sam view of creation.

FATIMA  Excellent stuff by Chris Ferrarra, one of the most insightful of contemporary Catholic writers, on Fatima and related topics can be found at this site.

Feminism For a comprehensive Catholic treatment of this modern heresy visit this site.

Flint and Holywell | Religious and Pilgrimage Tours: On the 1st Sunday of July every year, thousands of Catholics descend upon the beautiful shrine St Winefride’s Well in Holywell, Flint, North Wales.  What brings them back to this pilgrimage spot year after year?

Holy See The official site with several languages giving papal and curial text, plus the site of some curial offices.

Humour (Humor): A montarge of things that make me laugh out loud.

Islam  While the Catholic Church was born from the side of Christ, God made man, on the Cross, most false religion were founded by men whom one would not be happy dating one's daughter.  Luther, for example, was a foul-mouth, impure, neurotic ex-monk.  The Church of England was founded by a syphilitic despot for his own carnal ends, and Mohammed, were he alive today, would be on the Sexual Offenders Register, if not actually serving time for paedophilia ... that is if he was not banged up in the Hague for war crimes.

Liturgy and Music  When a photographer focuses his camera, he does not see, at the moment he has the image razor sharp, anything that he was not seeing when the image was blurred; he merely sees it more clearly.  This is a excellent analogy of the way in which the Church develops Sacred Tradition, i.e. the deposit of faith or revelation; truths pass from being implicitly believed to being explicitly stated, i.e. they are brought into sharp focus, but nothing is ever taught that was not already there. More.

Medical  A list of sites of interest to Catholics involved in medicine or considering a career in medicine.

Neocatechumenal Way  A well organized, well financed, thoroughly scurrilous Protestant sect that is currently infesting the Church with papal blessing!  A Trojan horse inserted by Luther's spiritual children into the very heart of the Church.

Order of Christian Unity  An ecumenical organization which publishes material of interest to those involved in education and family life.  Their new booklet "Challenging Thinking" is aimed at teenage girls as a counter to much of the magazine propaganda that they receive.  Chairman, Joanna Bogle, and her husband, Jamie, are also very active in the media and medical ethics.

Pastoral Sites The word "pastoral" has been prostituted by our post-Conciliar shepherds to cover their butts when they lack the guts and integrity to teach the faith.  However, the sites here can claim to be "pastoral" with considerably more honesty.

Pope John Paul II Amidst the popular clamour for Pope John Paul 2nd to be called “John Paul the Great”, this site offers a refreshingly sane assessment of his pontificate.

Press (Catholic) List of the WEB sites of all the UK's major Catholic papers.

Pro-Life Sites  A list of the sites of pro-life organizations. These are not specifically Catholic organization, but they are organizations that all Catholics should support.

Publishers (Catholic)  A list of publishers who produce good orthodox Catholic books.  A very useful  and necessary resource these days when so many diocesan bookshops are more interested in the works of dissenters and heretics.

RENEW Like Sadam Husain's Republican Guard, our, now increasingly aging, post-Conciliar modernist shepherds, who have had a life sapping stranglehold on the English church for the last thirty years, can be expected to put up more than one last desperate stand.  RENEW should be seen in this light - dangerous, and no doubt able to inflict casualties among the faithful, but ultimately as passé as those promoting it.  See also Christian Order.

Secular Sites  Philosophy, travel and flight information, cooking and recipes, the Royal Shakespeare Company, UK maps and much more.  It includes a particularly interesting article on the Atkins' diet.

Sermons Yes, it is the same old story - tell tell the people what they want to hear rather than what they need to hear.  Bill Dunn has been writing sermons (he calls them essays) for the past ten years, and they are posted at the "Catholic Homilies" web site (www.homilies.com)

Sex Abuse: Child Abuse and the Catholic Church.  All decent people are horrified by the abuse of children, especially sexual abuse, and will instinctively feel deep compassion for the victims and their families.  Further, to learn that a Catholic priest, who is supposed to model himself on Christ, has committed such an unspeakable crime is too ghastly for words - more.

SSPX: Liberal "Catholics" and Neo-Catholics alike take a cruel delight in charging the SSPX with schism.  A "prejudice" has been described as an opinion wandering abroad without any visible means of support.  The opinion that the SSPX are schismatic clearly falls into this catagory. 

Stat Veritas   Stat Veritas is a straight talking Catholic blogg edited by Don McGovern.  It comes with a health warning: "Known to cause stamach cramps in wimps, heretics, modernists and Fr Flapdoodle.  Tablet readers, feminist nuns and mincing effete post-Conciliar bishops are advised to seek medical advice before reading."

Youth 2000  The Youth 2000 movement is one of the only truly Catholic youth movements attracting young people in our country.  It was formed as a response to the call of Pope John Paul II at the World Youth Day in Santiago de Compostela and is heavily focused upon the Eucharist, Our Lady and the teachings of the Church.


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