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With the English post-Vatican II college of Catholic bishops and archbishops clearly in hock to lesbian and gay sex activists, it makes heresy and schism seem almost trifling!

A  Picture of the Post-Conciliar Episcopacy

lesbian and gay sexlesbian and gay sexlesbian and gay sexlesbian and gay sexlesbian and gay sexlesbian and gay sexlesbian and gay sex

Mass-produced Modernists clones from the post-Conciliar Episcopal sausage factory, all with their distinctive trademark skew to the left

To be fair: this is no longer 100% true.  We now have two bishops in the UK who actually sound like Catholics: Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury and Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth.  Having to swim in a sea of modernists, whilst keeping a straight face, can't be easy, so please do remember these two men in your prayers  

Bishop & Gay sex - 2

"We live at an exciting and demanding time when the vision of the Second Vatican Council is beginning to be realized in the Church."

Solitudinem Faciunt, Pacem Appellant (They make a wilderness and call it peace.)


Warwick Street

With Archbishop Vincent Never-Answer-a-Straight-Question Nichols sanctioning special Masses for the militant practitioners and promoters of lesbian and gay sex, and unable to state on prime time television that the Church would never bless the unions of two men united in sham marriages by nothing more holy than a mutual commitment to to the depravity of anal-copulating, it is difficult to imagine just how much lower the English post-Vatican II episcopacy could crawl  even if it tried!

How has this come about?

How is it that in a matter of a couple of decades the British episcopacy has plummeted from the courageous Catholic intellectual and spiritual giants of the pre-Vatican II days to the present cartel of bog-standard Modernists?  The answer is surprisingly simple.  Vatican II provided a catalyst which unleashed a Modernists hegemony like viper venom into the main bloodstream of the Church.  The consequence of this poison spreading through the system is that  unless one is prepared to publicly bow down and worship the Golden Calf of Vatican II you have no future.  On the other hand, if one is prepared to worship this Golden Calf, there is no sin nor heresy that cannot be overlooked.  This is the underlying reason why in the Alice in Wonderland world of the post-Conciliar Church, excellent holy Catholic priests can find themselves censored and suspended, while incompetents, dissenters and predatory sodomites are cosseted and promoted to high office.

The devastation of the Lord's vineyard caused to the Church by Vatican II is now so profound and widespread that it is no longer possible to hide it, except from the most simple of the faithful.  Consequently, the only sort of person able or willing to continue to deny the post-Conciliar debacle and worship this Golden Calf are either the cerebrally challenged or the sort of rogues who are prepared to lie to advance their careers.  Thus to continue to maintain the Modernist hegemony, Rome is forced to promote either fools or knaves. Our own Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connell is a prime example of the former, and Scotland provides a prime example of the latter.  The problem is further exacerbated by the fact that Modernists are manifestly unable to produce vocations, consequently, to maintain their power, they are being forced to promote from an ever decreasing pool of fools and knaves.

Background Information

For the last thirty or forty years the faithful have have been bombarded with propaganda from prelates and their spin doctors telling us that a wonderful renewal of the Church is taking place.  This propaganda has been so successful that 95% of those Catholic still practising have been taken in by it.

This page is for those 5% of Catholics who are not taken in and who have the spiritual courage to face the truth, even when the truth is unpleasant.  Here are the truths about the English Church since Vatican II, truths that the hirelings who sit on English sees would rather were swept under the carpet while they prattle on about their marvelous renewal:

  1. They have decimated our Mass attendance, which is now less than half of what it was before Vatican II.

  2. They have emptied our seminaries, those that is that they haven't yet closed.  They are currently discussing further closures.

  3. By peddling Modernist drivel such as ICONS in our schools, and other equally evil schemes, they have alienated almost 100% of our youth.

  4. They have reduced Catholic baptism by fifty percent and Catholic marriages by a whopping two thirds.

  5. Our liturgy in many parishes is more akin to a Teddy bears' picnic organized by Ronny McDonald than anything one could truly describe as divine liturgy.  As one commentator put it, "Instead of worshiping God Almighty, we now worship God All Matey."

  6. Many of our beautiful and much loved churches have been turned into ugly unloved relativist worship spaces that look more like the waiting rooms of budger airlines than churches.

  7. We have lost the working classes and our intelligentsia.  Our congregations (aging and predominant female) are served by elderly clergy, unable for the most part to reproduce themselves.

  8. Converts to the faith are down 70%!  Put another way: for ever ten people who found conversion to the faith attractive prior to Vatican II, only three do today.  Before Vatican II, converts who came into the Church died Catholics; today, an estimated 85% of RCIA converts leave within five years.  But even that is not the end of this miserable story, because many converts these days don't in fact actual become Catholics.  They are Roman Protestants let in by the Modernists who have prostituted the RCIA programs for their own ends.  One high profile "convert" stated that the Church's teaching on sodomy was wrong, its teaching on contraception plain silly, and then added, as if in fact it still mattered, that she did not believe that any pope was infallible, particularly the present one! 

  9. Sodomites have been ordained and promoted to high office in the Church, while the inevitable "paedophile" scandals (invariably involving adolescent boys) are becoming almost a daily occurrence.  As one wag put it, the faithful are relieved these days if they find their priest in bed with a woman.  Priests in America are dying of AIDs at over four times the national rate, and their is absolutely no reason to believe that England is much better.

  10. One of the strangest changes following Vatican II is the nature of communications from prelates.  If one wrote to a bishop prior to the Council one received a long informative reply full of Catholic wisdom.  Write to a bishop today and your receive the following one-sentence stock reply, "Thank you for your letter, I have noted its contents."  On the rare occasions that he writes more, he merely strings together post-Conciliar episco-babble in a semblance of rational thought.

  11. We are currently in terminal meltdown, losing approximately 100,000 souls every three years.  Humanly speaking, we will not have a Church in this country worth speaking about in twenty years' time.

A short time ago I asked a good priest his thoughts on yet another insider appointment to the episcopacy.  He chewed on it for a moment and then replied, "Well, he's not a Catholic," and then after further reflection added, "but at least he is pleasant and efficient, which is more than can be said for many of them."  That the British episcopacy in general and the English episcopacy in particular is corrupt is a fact now so evident that one would need to be the editor of a Catholic paper, a paid ecclesiastical spin doctor or a worldly and ambitious priest to even attempt to deny it.

When I writes of corruption, I'm not thinking of scandals, such as Rodney of the Isles and his Irish precursor, Casey, serial fornicators who financed their "sport" from the widow's mite and the offerings of the faithful.  One is not even thinking of their episcopal club chums who cover up for them and seek to trivialize their infidelity.  How many Catholics for example know that Cardinal Winning was aware of Rodney's hanky-panky for four years before the secular press made it public knowledge and he was forced to act, and appeared on national television looking hurt and feigning that he had only just found out?

No the corruption goes much deeper and is more sinister than such ordinary sins of Adam.  This corruption is more akin to the deep corruption of an Anthony Blunt or a Kim Philby, the sort of treachery which is comfortable and at ease spending a lifetime taking the King's shilling (and the accolades of the faithful) while all the time surreptitiously working for a private Modernist agenda as opposed to a Catholic agenda.  They are also corrupt in the sense that they are no longer capable of reforming themselves.  A body can reach a point in the process of a disease when its own defence mechanisms are so overwhelmed that only outside help can save it.  If what is left of the Church in England is to be saved then it will need the sort of radical surgery which can only come from outside.

The gullible enjoy a vision in which the Holy Spirit selects the best bishop for a vacant see and then whispers his selection, Jiminy Cricket like, into the ear of the pope.  They further believe that the pope is so holy, that he can neither fail to hear this whispering of the Spirit, nor fail to act upon it - and corrupt bishops are naturally more than happy to foster belief in such pious claptrap.

The truth however is much more pedestrian.  There being no way that the pope can have intimate knowledge of the world's 4000 or so bishops, let alone the 30,000 or so would-be bishops, he relies on the system.  And the system is that when a see becomes vacant, the national hierarchy puts forward three names to Rome, the first of which is usually selected.  If the national hierarchy has fallen into the hands of Modernists and small men, can anyone seriously expect a strong courageous orthodox figure to head their list?  One merely has to state the proposition to realize that it is preposterous.

What small men always do, whether in Church or state, is seek to clone themselves.  The last thing that such men want is to unleash something that they will regret, like putting a man in charge of a see who will show the rest of them up.  They do not want the sort of men who can (and indeed have) turned the fortunes of their diocese round in a remarkably short time on English sees, thank you very much - they may be pygmies, but they are not entirely devoid of self-serving cunning.

No-one, once the scales have fallen from their eyes, can spend time with any of the current members of the English episcopacy without coming away with the depressing certitude that his lordship has about as much chance of stemming the present haemorrhaging away of Christ's body as a man with a Kleenex tissue would have had of stemming the flow of water through the gash in the side of the Titanic.  Under the collective force of their betrayal, dissent and incompetence, the Church in the British Isles has simply imploded.

Had the bishops been selling widgets instead of eternal life, within a few months of the downturn starting there would have been a urgent board meeting called and those responsible for bringing this devastation upon us would have resigned and a new board would have been appointed.  But to find that sort of personal integrity and accountability nowadays, one must look outside the Church.

There is a spirit in the hierarchy of this country that goes beyond arrogance or cowardice - it is a spirit hostile and alien to the faith, it is organized and it is focused. It has constructed a local Church in which orthodoxy, i.e. truth, is considered extreme and Modernism i.e. heresy, is considered mainstream; a Church in which a priest or layman can claim to be a Catholic while denying with impunity what it is that makes one one; where the de-facto schismatics who have in essence separated themselves from the Church claim not to be so separated - and this includes our bishops, who protect, foster and promote dissent and schism.  If you want to understand why this disaster has overtaken us, just ask yourself whether any army in history that went into battle with such men for officers could have carried the day?


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