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The New Counter Reformation

Catholic League  The Catholic League is America’s largest Catholic civil rights organization.  The Catholic League defends the right of Catholics – lay and clergy alike – to participate in American public life without defamation or discrimination.  More neo-Catholic than Traditionalist possibly, and sadly decidedly sycophantic when it comes to our post-Conciliar Modernists shepherds.

Catholic Truth. A feisty newsletter chronicling the Scottish debacle, edited by Pat McKeever. Click on NEWSFLASH to discover the latest episcopal antics - "Devotions to Our Lady banned in the archdiocese of Edinburgh," the last time I looked!  Unfortunately, Pat has a tendency to be somewhat strident with anyone who even dares hint at not being 110% in her camp, which doesn't do the cause of orthodox Catholicism any favours.  Nevertheless, Pat is well intentioned; it's just a pity that she lacks a little subtlety.

Christian Order  A stimulating and exciting, plain speaking, radically orthodox site that will make your hair stand on end.  "Christian Order" is a monthly magazine which is at the forefront of the second counter-reformation and is well worth subscribing to by those who truly love the Church.  It is edited by Rod Pead, an Aussie, who has raised telling-it-like-it-is into an art form.  He succeeded the late saintly Fr Paul Crane as editor.  Bishop McMahon labelled Christian Order "scurrilous and very damaging to the Church".  One could not have asked for a better endorsement.  Orthodox Catholics know that when main-stream Modernists like bishop McMahon start insulting you, you must be doing something right.

Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice  is a lay organization faithful to the Magisterium, which by prayer and action is seeking to expose the errors and omissions in much contemporary religious instruction, protect children from unsuitable sex education, encourage reverent liturgies and devotions and promote the teachings of the Church at conferences and study days.

Stat Veritas  Don McGovern's straght talking blog.  Not for heretics or the faint hearted.  Liable to give Sister Snakebite, Fr Flapdoddle and Bishop Bubbles palpitations.


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