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Christendom Awake The Christendom Awake website takes its name from a book by Fr Aidan Nichols OP (available from Amazon). The website also includes articles, book reviews and general information about Fr Nichols, Fr Ian Ker, Prof. John Saward and Mary Shivanandan and others. It also has the aim of making the writings of von Balthasar accessible to a much wider public. These are modern writers and theologians who combine being fresh and radical while remaining utterly orthodox.  Book Review

The Last Crusade  "Read The Last Crusade and the courage of so many Catholics will move and inspire you in this most unforgettable testimony" - Fr Christopher Basden

Sexual Wisdom If one put this book in to the hands of every conceivable element of the population - students, teachers, clergy, parents, singles, divorcees, everyone in the helping professions, and everyone else, one would by civilizing human loving change the nature of our society immeasurably for the better. This is a book of incalculably value.


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