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It is supposed to be a Catholic Relief Agency, but what is CAFOD?

Modernism corrupts all that it touches and tragically CAFOD is now as much part of the culture of death as any secular agency such as FAO, Save the Children, UNHCR, Christian Aid, Oxfam, etc.

When the shepherds become wolves, the sheep have a duty to defend themselves.


Abridged and adapted by Don McGovern from an original article by Rod Pead, the investigative journalist who succeeded the late saintly Fr Paul Crane as editor of Christian Order.

What is CAFODOur bishops continue to urge us to support CAFOD financially, despite its dissent from the Catholic faith being common knowledge for a decade or more.  At least four Catholic publication: the Catholic World Report, Christian Order, Catholic Action and this web site have exposed CAFOD’s duplicity. Our bishops have predictable sprung to the defence of their chums in CAFOD, using the time honoured methodology of modernist hirelings, lying. Their spin-doctors then followed up the lies by launching an attack through their own subservient press on the integrity of the whistle-blowers.


All this is reminiscent of the American bishops, who when faced with the evidence of the sodomising of altar boys by homosexual priests and bishops (so far a dozen American bishops have been exposed as predatory sodomites) - not to mention sodomising one another and involvement with male prostitutes - first covered it up and denied it, then used their own subservient press to calumniate the whistle-blowers, and finally pretended that what they were actually dealing with was paedophilia, not homosexuality. A lie they are sticking with to this day.

In America it was the secular press that finally came to the rescue of the long suffering faithful by blowing the lid off the cesspit. Similarly in England, it was the secular press which has blown CAFOD’s cover on at least two occasions. Most recently - on 24 September 2004 - under the headline: "Catholics back AIDS condoms", the Daily Telegraph trumpeted the flagrant dissent from Church teaching promoted by CAFOD.

Post-Conciliar Pollyanna Catholics, long more Roman Protestant than Roman Catholic, will no doubt adopt their now deeply habitual ostrich pose and rationalise (i.e. the art of telling oneself rational lies) their continuing support for this decadent organisation. Whilst liberal-Catholics (an oxymoron if ever their was one) - the post-Conciliar parasites sucking the life from the body of Christ, and too drunk on their own ignorance and pride to notice that they have staggered into the wrong Church - will also of course maintain their patronage.

However, It is time for genuine Catholics to stand up and be counted and show their disgust at the arrogant manner in which their money is gathered up and siphoned off to all manner of dissident groups, programmes and jamborees by the corrupt bureaucracy that has replace our once noble English Catholic hierarchy.


The condom issue is merely the latest in a long line of scandals involving CAFOD. Even some Catholics who are by no means well informed about the dissent that riddles this organization are beginning to feel uneasy. Apart from broad and vague referenced to Christianity, most of its literature could have been produced by any left of centre politically correct secular agency.

In June 1994 a conference titled "One World, One Family" was co-sponsored and organised by CAFOD under the auspices of the Bishops’ Conference.

Most of the speakers invited were well known dissidents from Catholic teaching! They Included:

1. Dr Jack Dominian, one of the doyens of our post-Conciliar Judases, who has built a career out of his dissent from Church teaching on a raft of moral issues, including sex before marriage, homosexuality, contraception, masturbation and sterilisation.

2. Clifford Longley, a divorced journalist married outside the Church who has publicly stated, "I share none of the Roman Catholic Church’s attitude on contraception, divorce, abortion, and religious education of my children . . .".

3. Paul Vallely, who prior to the event had articles published in The Universe spelling out his opposition to the Church’s teaching on contraception.

4. Jim Richards and moral theologian Julie Clague. Both these speakers admitted to rejecting the Church’s teaching on contraception, as reaffirmed by Pope Paul VI in his 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae.

Since the views of these participants were known beforehand, CAFOD’s willingness to siphon of large sums of the trusting faithful’s money to fund projects designed to subvert the Church’s teachings could not have been more clearly signalled. Subsequently, its unholy agenda has merely become more blatant.


Christ declared that, "The Devil was always a liar." It is interesting that Christ did not say that the Devil was always a fornicator, a murderer or a blasphemer. It seems that for God, the lie is the rotten heart of the very personification of evil.

Anxious to keep the money coming in from gullible Catholics, CAFOD mendaciously conceals its promotion of condoms behind mealy-mouthed coded jargon. The following examples are culled direct from their website

"……. prevalence of HIV infection in much of Africa, Asia and elsewhere where it constitutes a public health emergency which requires immediate responses and urgent measures. CAFOD therefore recognizes that the promotion of harm minimization [i.e.: the promotion of condoms] is often a necessary and crucial shorter-term strategy [i.e.: condoms are a necessary strategy]. Consequently CAFOD asks all partners working in the area of HIV prevention to give individuals full information about all means of HIV prevention [i.e.: give everyone information about condoms] and that this advice is scientifically correct. A person must be able to make decisions about preventing HIV transmission that are consistent with their religious convictions [i.e..: individual must be taught to use condoms] and based on their knowledge and understanding of the risks of their individual situation."

All this mirrors an article in The Universe, when Ann Smith of CAFOD’s AIDS section was quoted as saying: "Abstinence outside marriage and fidelity inside marriage is the ideal. That is what we are journeying towards and CAFOD want to support that ideal. But while wanting to uphold that ideal we may need to look at more practical short term arrangements" [i.e.: promote condoms].


Even if the Church’s settled teaching was not that artificial contraception is always gravely and intrinsically evil and CAFOD was operating in a secular moral vacuum, one would still be entitled to question CAFOD’s love affair with rubber and the mutual masturbation to which condoms reduce the human sex act.

The condom manufacturers own propaganda boast that they are 90% effective, and for the sake of the argument we will here accept the manufacturer’s claim. By 90% effective they mean that if ten couples copulate for a year using condoms, it is statistically probable that one couple will be pregnant within that year. But, by a logical extension of the condom manufactured own claims, it can be deduced that if ten couples copulate for ten years, it is statistically probable that there will be ten pregnancies!

If you have grasped this point, reflect on the fact that a woman can only become pregnant on one or two days a month for approximately twenty-five years of her total life span. Then further reflect that she can catch aids 365 days a year from the moment of conception until natural death! This makes her about 60 times more likely to catch AIDS while using a condom than she is of becoming pregnant - and her chances of becoming pregnant are not exactly minimal. And, this does not take into account that the HIV virus is several hundred times smaller than human sperm.

Further, condoms are often ineffective because of manufacturing defects and other defects from shipping, handling, storage and treatment by the end user. The US Food and Drug Administration allows the sale of condoms whose rate of defects is not more than 4 per 1000. If four leaking condoms are allowed in every batch of 1,000, there must be millions of leaking condoms circulating worldwide. And US standards are high compared with other parts of the world!

Only a moral Cretan, given a thousand blank bullets, and aware that there were four live ones mixed in with these blanks, would cheerfully select one at random, load it into a gun and fire it at an innocent victim?

In addition to the micropores in the latex membrane; condoms break easily or slide away, especially during the act of sodomy; latex degrades; and the external surface of condoms can be spoiled by pre-ejaculatory secretions. Further, less than half of sexually active adolescents report that they use condoms correctly.

To expect a condom to save you from HIV is like expecting a garage with the door open to keep a cat out.


AIDS in the western world is still predominantly a sodomites’ and drug abusers’ disease, and a disease of those who sleep with sodomites and drug abusers. What the secularists don’t tell you is that while the majority of men who die from sexually transmitted diseases, die from AIDS, this is not true of women.

Women bear a disproportionately high share of the cost that comes with sexual liberation. If you take HIV out of the frame, for every man who dies from an STD, four women die! It is cervical cancer, primarily caused by the human papillomavirus virus (HPV), that is the leading cause of STD deaths among women.

In the relentless secular condom promotion, why are we not told this? Simple: HPV can be caught by any part of the genitals coming into contact with any part of the genitals, thus condoms offer little or no protection ….. secondly, HPV doesn’t kill men.

Condom promotion manifestly encourages under-age, pre-marital and extra-marital sex and therefore clearly increases the risk of women being killed by cervical cancer. This apparently is not a concern for CAFOD. Clear evidence that they are driven by a secular ideology rather than a genuine concern for the well-being of women.

CAFOD is encouraging men to play Russian Roulette with women’s lives.


Cardinal Trujillo has drawn the world’s attention to the example of Thailand and the Philippines. AIDS was found in both countries around the same time. Thailand responded with a vigorous campaign of condom promotion, while in the Philippines, Church and state opposed the condom program and promoted chastity. Today, there are around ¾ million cases of HIV/ AIDS in Thailand, and less than 2000 cases in the Philippines - notwithstanding the fact that the population of the Philippines is around 30% larger than Thailand! So much for CAFOD’s Ms Smith’s lie, "It is a medical fact that condoms will significantly reduce the risk of contracting HIV" and lead to "preservation of life not the prevention of life"!

One could also site the British government, which has been putting out its safe sex message ad nausea. The result? An explosion of sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers, and the associated problems of alcohol abuse, depression, suicide, incurable infertility, STDs and related cancers (causing thousands of deaths each year). Not to mention that Britain has more gym-slip abortions and mothers than any other country in Europe.


CAFOD is very comfortable in the company of the sort of dissident groups that follow. It is also informative to note just how comfortable these dissident groups are with CAFOD.  One will search in vain for similar support among such heretical and schismatic anti-Catholic groups for excellent Catholic aid organisations like The Little Way Association. As Christ warned us, "By their friends ye shall know them."

Catholic Women’s Ordination

A single issue group campaigning for women to be ordained. This group was particularly despondent about the election of Pope Benedict XVI, regarding him as one of the main champions of the theological case against women's ordination.

Catholic Women’s Ordination organised, with a number of other known dissident groups, an event called Jigsaw 2000 which took place on 17 June 2000 at Digby Stuart College, Roehampton, in the Southwark Archdiocese.  CAFOD Southwark Regional Office was listed as a stall-holder on the official Jigsaw 2000 pamphlet.

Catholic Women’s Network

Another of the Jigsaw 2000 sponsors, CWN is not Catholic, as it publicly and persistently undermines Church teaching by promoting dissent on a range of issues, including support for the ordination of women and promotion of the PRO-ABORTION group, Catholics for a Free Choice.

CAFOD is often been mentioned in Network, the journal of CWN. In the Winter 2001 issue, a full-page report was published on the CAFOD Assembly held on 6 October 2001 at Heythrop College, written by CWN member Jackie McLoughlin, who was "asked to go to represent CWN" at the Assembly.

It is evident that Jackie McLoughlin wasn’t short of dissenting company at the CAFOD Assembly, as she goes on to relate: "Networking was a key activity. I met many people I knew or recognised, met new ones and took the chance to network as effectively as I could for CWN. I met Fr Rob Esdaile, and told him many women were in sympathy with him."  Fr Rob Esdaile has described himself in print as a "non-Mary fixated celibate male supporter of women’s ordination" and his appointment by our bishops to teach theology at the Venerable English College in Rome was vetoed by the Vatican after complaints from seminarians and orthodox Catholics, hence the reason for Jackie McLoughlin being "in sympathy with him."

Listed on the first page of a CWN Members Directory is one Maria Elena Arana, who gives CAFOD’s postal address, telephone and fax number as her contact details, and provides her email address at CAFOD for good measure. CWN activists Vicky Cosstick and Tina Beattie have also contributed to a booklet published by CAFOD.

The fact that CAFOD and CWN are jointed at the hip is clear for anyone who is not wantonly blind.

We Are Church

WAC calls for bishops to be elected by the faithful., the admission of women to all Church ministries, the abolition of compulsory celibacy, the acceptance of homosexual life styles, artificial contraception and abortion. They also campaign for a syncretic ecumenical Council of all Christian Churches, which will regard each other as equals.

There was an advert promoting CAFOD on the website of WAC UK. WAC also boasts that some of its members are active in organisations like CAFOD. Clearly there is little or nothing in the work of CAFOD that offends the sensibilities of an organisation defined by its pathological opposition to Catholic teaching.

Catholic for a Changing Church

Another dissident group who have spawned a number of equally dissident splinter groups. 

They were also represented at Jigsaw 2000 alongside CAFOD.

National Board of Catholic Women

NBCW advises the English and Welsh hierarchy on "women’s" issues. They are controlled by the CWN (see above)!  Just how Catholic they are can be judged from a ugly incident that took place at a study weekend in 2000. Angela Corless, LIFE’s National Caring Co-ordinator was howled down and reduced to tears by them. And who led this ugly mob? - one of out bishops, the man affectionately known by the faithful as Bishop Balony for his suggestion that women should be "licensed" to hear confessions. What had Angela proposed to produce such diabolical wrath? - well one of her radical proposals was that the NBCW should: "Find ways to practically support women who do not choose abortion."

Ms Arana, the CWN member who gives her address as CAFOD (see above) wrote a piece for CAFOD in the Winter 2001/2002 edition of the newspaper of the National Board of Catholic Women, Catholic Woman (since relaunched as Catholic OMNIBUS). This is hardly surprising, since the President of the NBCW at that time, Mary McHugh, was listed as a member of the board of CAFOD, in its 2001 trustees’ report. She is also a known member of CWN.


Another sponsor of Jigsaw 2000, an Homosexual campaign group that was finally removed from the Catholic Directory by the Bishops’ Conference for failing to bring their constitution into line with Catholic teaching on homosexuality - but only begrudgingly after intense lobbying by concerned faithful.

Roman Catholic Caucus of the Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement, and the support group for parents of homosexuals, Called to be One

Two linked organisations of militant homosexuals who actively campaign against the Church’s teaching that homosexuality is an objective disorder.

Julian Filochowksi, the man who until recently was the head of CAFOD, has lived for 25 years with his homosexual "partner", Martin Pendergast, an ex-Carmelite priest. Martin Pendergast is one of the main movers and shakers in both of the above militant homosexual organisations. This ex-Priest even making it his business to go into Catholic schools to teach our young people that a gay lifestyle is not incompatible with the Gospel.


Those who have made a study of the phenomena of post-conciliar dissent know that it is driven by a sort of unholy trinity. The unholy father, more in fact the godfather, is homosexuality. Proceeding from the unholy father, is the unholy daughter, radical feminism, and the love that proceed from and unites them both is unholy dissent.

In this tiny and rapidly disappearing outpost of the universal Church, served by a hierarchy that has broken ranks with the Holy Father in deciding for itself what to teach in union with him (we all know about the curse of cafeteria Catholicism, but the cafeteria-Catholics are simply mimicking their pick-and-choose prelates) only such observations can even begin to make sense of the bizarre scandal of a Catholic bishop howling down a pro-life speaker, while edged on by a baying pack of radical feminists, or indeed begin to explain the disproportionate number of known radical feminists staffing chancery offices, not to mention involved in the bishops’ lay-funded, interminable conferences and committees, bureaus and bulletins, plans and pastorals, which churn out the endless post-Conciliar blather with which we are all now so depressingly familiar.

The Filochowski-Pendergast Affair

Let us recall the scandal that finally opened the eyes of Catholics to CAFOD’s lavender leanings, and which left the faithful in no doubt as to the moral and spiritual bankruptcy of the hierarchy that maintains it.

The event in question, first revealed in The Daily Telegraph of 9 June 2001, was the Mass held in London to celebrate the 25-year relationship of CAFOD’S homosexual Director, Julian Filochowski, and his "partner," the ex-Carmelite priest and radical "gay rights" campaigner Martin Pendergast. Bishop John Crowley, planned to celebrate this sacrilegious Mass - which his diary coyly listed as an "anniversary Mass."

Due to the outcry which followed the Telegraph exposé, Bishop Crowley did not offer the Mass, but still scandalized by remaining in the congregation along with Bishop John Rawsthorne of the Hallam Diocese. The Mass was actually said by the dissident cleric, and then-Rector of the moribund Ushaw Seminary in the Hexham & Newcastle Diocese, Father Jim O’Keefe.

The mendacious episcopal ducking and diving that followed merely added insult to injury. Especially embarrassing was the denial that either bishop realised the two men were in a homosexual relationship, despite both admitting their friendship with Filochowski and Pendergast and the latter’s notorious public profile as a militant homosexual activist involved in running several dissident organisations. Even the bishops’ own sycophantic press had been reporting regularly on Mr Pendergast’s activities.

Faith and confidence, beyond the confines of CAFOD, were well and truly shattered by this revelation of the homosexual "partner" of a notorious militant gay ex-priest running the highest profile Catholic charity in the land, on a fat salary funded by a hapless and cynically duped laity, all with the connivance and blessing of the spineless prelates who lord it over what is left of the rapidly vanishing English church.

Further evidence of CAFOD’s lavender sympathies can be found on their website. Fr Enda McDonagh, in a clearly pro-sodomite piece entitled "Theology in a time of AIDS." after some long-winded pontificating about AIDS and condoms, brazenly revealed his and CAFOD’s real agenda: "Catholic moral teaching on sexuality, while it has a solid central core in regard to marriage, may have a good deal to learn about the wider meaning if it is to provide adequate education to future generations … that education will have to face new evidence about the origins and development of homosexuality." Father McDonagh is a member of the Catholic Women’s Network, and thus part of CAFOD’s labyrinth of treacherous cronies.

Ask yourself this one simple question: why would CAFOD, an overseas development agency, choose to give a global platform to promote the private agenda of a pro-sodomite priest?


One of the lies at the rotten heart of CAFOD, is that the Church hasn’t clearly enunciated its settled teaching on this matter, and therefore the use of condoms to combat AIDS is negotiable.

CAFOD’s lies are particularly perverse since absolutely everyone. except so-called liberal Catholics, have no doubt that the Church has indeed spoken definitively on the immorality of condom use and that this is settled Church teaching.

Furthermore, whenever the usual motley collection of rationalising, disobedient prelates - like Cardinal Daneels of Belgium ("When someone is HIV infected … he should use a condom."), Cardinal Murphy O’Connor ("I would agree with Cardinal Daneels’ position") or Bishop Kevin Dowling of South Africa ("If one were to use [condoms] to promote health … then one is promoting a moral imperative") - are dredged up to pad out reports on this subject, it is always understood, even by non-Catholics, that these clerics have betrayed "the Church's official teaching on artificial contraception," as the Telegraph article quite correctly pointed out.

CAFOD’s HIV corporate strategist, Ann Smith, assured Tablet (25/09/2004) readers that CAFOD’s "abstinence, be faithful, use a condom" strategy was "based on sound theological principles….." Ms Smith would be well advised to stick to corporate affairs and leave the theology to Christ’s Vicar, who enjoys the special protection of the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity. CAFOD’s ‘strategy’ has been utterly and definitively demolished by the Vicar of Christ in one commanding sentence:

"It would be a very serious error to conclude that the Church’s teaching is essentially only an ‘ideal’ which must then be adapted, proportioned, graduated to the so-called concrete possibilities of man, according to a ‘balancing of the goods in question."

Thus wrote John Paul II in paragraph 103 of Veritatis Splendor, laying bare and demolishing the false and corrupting foundation of CAFOD’s [read: the English bishops’] entire approach. In para. 105 the Holy Father goes further, stating that such a policy:

"…. corrupts the morality of society as a whole, since it encourages doubt about the objectivity of the moral law in general and a rejection of the absoluteness of moral prohibitions regarding specific acts, and it ends up confusing all judgements about values."


The Director General of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, Steven Sinding, stated at a recent global AIDS conference in Bangkok that pushing abstinence programs over condoms "is naked pandering to an extremist constituency" i.e. the Catholic Church.

How is such spurious, anti-Catholic condomania proclaimed by the International Planned Parenthood Federation, one of the most evil organisation on the face of the earth, essentially different from CAFOD’s position? Indeed, parroting the International Planned Parenthood Federation mantra and against all the evidence, "The CAFOD policy paper," noted the Daily Telegraph, "said that simplistic prevention policies for AIDS [read: ‘chastity and faithfulness promoted by the Catholic Church’] would not work."

See what happens when a Catholic parts company with the Church on matters of faith and morals, they end up in bed with moral deviants like the IPPF, and groups such as the amoral Catholics For a Free Choice.

This latter repulsive organisation, in between lobbying to have the Holy See kicked out of the United Nations, runs aggressive pro-condom campaigns - featuring newspaper ads and huge billboards strategically placed in countries with predominantly Catholic populations, The whole point of the campaign was summed up by one of its promoters, who pontificated: "It is crucial that the Catholic church revisit its stance on condoms…..."

CAFOD, Cardinal Murphy O’Connor, the Director of the IPPF and the secretary-general of the UN., could not have put their morally bankrupt case any better.


All the dissent in the Church today starts nine inched below the belt buckle, sex mired in dissent from Humanae Vitae. Money is a secondary factor. With CAFOD, the two have coalesced with the full blessing of our "shepherds", the very same clueless men who have twiddled their thumbs for the past forty years, while Christ body steadily haemorrhaged away under the combined weight of their regime of post-Conciliar novelties. Their dissent over condom use is merely the latest expression of their schismatic mentality, long manifest and now fully solidified.

Faithful Catholics who love and uphold our holy Faith cannot, must not, support CAFOD. For a Catholic to knowingly fund dissent from the Catholic faith is a grave sin. Grave sin committed with full knowledge of what one is doing is mortal sin. Unrepented mortal sin means: Hell forever. If you don’t believe me, read the Catechism of the Catholic Church.


Catholics should switch their support, even increasing it if possible, to one or more of the many excellent Catholic organisation that are not mired in dissent.

One suggestion, and it is only a suggestion (there are scores of excellent Catholic apostolates) is the Little Way Association. The Little Way Association is totally loyal to the faith of the Church, spends less than a quarter of one penny in every pound on administration and would never pay fat salaries to well-oiled homosexuals to drive around in flashy cars to direct their affairs.

They can be contacted at: Sacred Heart House, 119 Cedars Road, Clapham Common, London, SW4 0PR. Tel: 0207-622-0466


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