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A List of Pro Life Pregnancy Care Organisations

Most women whose pregnancies end in abortion were using artificial birth control, euphemistically referred to as planned parenthood.  Legalised abortion has led to an inevitable rise in depression and suicide among young women, and has opened the flood gates to further evils such as embryonic stem cell abuse, cloning, legalised euthanasia, the day/morning after pill and so-called gay rights - all part of the culture of death.

40 Days for Life  Headed up by Robert Colquhoun, the striking thing about this organisation is the number of impressive young people involved.  40 Days for Life was inspired by an American pro-life organization of the same name.  They focus on peaceful prayer vigils outside of abortion clinics. Their philosophy is best summed up as: when you pray at the abortion facility you represent the last hope for the baby scheduled to be aborted … but you are also the first sign of mercy as the woman leaves the facility after the abortion.

The Anscombe Centre is a Roman Catholic academic institute that engages with the moral questions arising in clinical practice and biomedical research. It brings to bear on those questions principles of natural law, virtue ethics, and the teaching of the Catholic Church, and seeks to develop the implications of that teaching for emerging fields of practice. The Centre engages in scholarly dialogue with academics and practitioners of other traditions. It contributes to public policy debates as well as to debates and consultations within the Church. It runs educational programmes for, and gives advice to, Catholics and other interested healthcare professionals and biomedical scientists.

Charities Bulletin  An extremely useful site managed by SPUC (see below) which makes public the attitude to abortion, euthanasia, embryo research, etc. of almost every UK charity.  So check that charity out before parting with your money!

Generation Life Generation Life is a movement of young people committed to building a Culture of Life by educating our peers on the pro-life and chastity messages and developing new leaders for the pro-life movement. They believe that by spreading the message of chastity, they can end abortion at the root cause.

Good Counsel Network  A very Catholic pro-life organisation. Their mission: through and with Mary, the Mediatrix of All Graces, to Mediate the Mission of Motherhood, in order to save as many babies as possible from abortion, using the most effective, morally acceptable means, to reach, inform and help women.

Human life International  Information about this major pro-life organization, its programs and conferences as well as a very useful collection of articles on various issues such as abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide and planned parenthood. Political articles are related to US issues but some useful background for UK readers.

LIFE  Pro-woman, pro-child, pro-life, the UK's premier pro-life charity.

Life Training Institute: An impressive organisation, run by impressive people with an impressive website.  LTI was started by its president Scott Klusendorf in order to create a ministry that focused entirely on pro-life issues with the goal of maximizing its impact through single minded dedication. Simply stated, its sole purpose is to train others to save lives.

One More Soul  OMS is dedicated to spreading the truth about the blessings of children and the harms of contraception and was founded in 1993 by Steve Koob and Mary Ann Walsh. They were active pro-lifers who realized that the root cause of the high abortion rate was contraception. A modest site that does well in its clearly defined aim to give information about this important area. There is a guide to finding a doctor who will teach NFP and a section for medical vacancies. A challenge to develop something similar in the UK.

Priests for Life  An officially approved association of Catholic Clergy who give special emphasis to the pro-life teachings of the Church.  They offer ongoing assistance to the clergy in addressing the topics of abortion and euthanasia, and training and resources to the entire pro-life movement.  It is such a pity that they have swallowed the liberal canard that the death penalty issue is in some confused way inextricable linked with the abortion issue.  To learn more about the orthodox teaching on capital punishment click HERE.

Pro-abortion Violence Visit this site to learn about the link between pro-choice and violence. Warning: you will need a strong stomach.

Pro- Life Action League  A superb American pro-life organization with lots of wonderful resources for direct action.

ProLife Alliance  A UK political party which fielded some 60 candidates in the 1997 general parliamentary election, and whose election-broadcast was banned by the BBC for showing film of an abortion.

SPUC  was launched in 1967 to campaign against the Abortion Act. As the first "right to life" lobbying and educational organization established anywhere in the world, the Society defends the human rights of the child in the womb. It also campaign against other threats to the right to life: especially euthanasia and human embryo experimentation. It promotes the welfare of unborn children and expectant mothers, and challenges the promotion of abortion as a means of population control - especially in China and the developing world.

UK LifeLeague  The UK LifeLeague is the bare knuckle fighter among the UK pro-life organizations.   Some of the more established groups, who sometimes seem more concerned with being respectable than being effective, look down their noses at the UK LifeLeague's in-your-face approach.  However, if I was earning my living slaughtering unborn children, there is no doubt that it would be the UK LifeLeague that I would fear the most.  It is rumoured that Jim Dowson, the founder of the UK LifeLeague, is very anti-Catholic.  This is not inconceivable as he has Northern Ireland Protestant roots and probably took anti-Catholicism in with his mother's milk.  Catholics need to be big enough to realize that this is totally irrelevant to his effectiveness as a pro-life activist.  It is also true that many traditional Catholics work happily alongside Jim in the UK LifeLeague.


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