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Pastoral Sites

The word "pastoral" has been prostituted by our post-Conciliar shepherds to cover their butts when they lack the guts and integrity to teach the faith.  However, the following sites can claim to be "pastoral" with considerably more honesty.

Family & Youth Concern  Whenever moral issues come up in the news relating to the family, sex-education, AIDS, the age of consent or other similar matters, Family and Youth Concern is on hand to offer informed comment and a convincing, sensible defense of family values.  Their website is quite basic at the moment but has the excellent and informative newsletter Family Bulletin online.  There is also a list of publications and videos and a print-out application for membership.

National Association of Catholic Families An association of Catholic families who try to give one another mutual, moral, spiritual and social support in a culture which is now at war with our values. They we do this by linking committed Catholic families locally, nationally and internationally but always with the simple intention of mutual support. They are answering the Holy Father Pope John Paul's call for families to be what they are.


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