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Child Abuse and the Catholic Church

One should never waste a good crisis

homosexuality|gay|sodomy|sexual abuseOne should never waste a good crisis; now is the perfect opportunity to clean out the stables. Benedict XVI should take advantage of the wave of revulsion against the disastrous post-Conciliar episcopacy and fire ninety-five per cent of the clowns who, having spent the last forty years spewing out an endless torrent of modernists’ banalities and ecumaniacal episcobabble, have sat on their purple clad arses while Christ body haemorrhaged away.  These are the men who have wickedly denied any meaningful catechesis to the young and in consequence (having produced a generation wholly ignorant of the faith) have all but extinguished the Catholic faith from Europe.

The sex-abuse crisis is a God given opportunity to roll back the devastation of the last forty years, to cull the hirelings, stop the apologies, reinstate apologetics and begin replanting the vineyard.  It is time for Catholics to roll up their sleeves and to square up to liberals and secularists and to root out the traitors within our own ranks, and to proclaim again from the rooftops the timeless truths of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.

Child Abuse and the Catholic Church

All decent people are horrified by the abuse of children, especially sexual abuse, and will instinctively feel deep compassion for the victims and their families.  Further, to learn that a Catholic priest, who is supposed to model himself on Christ, has committed such a terrible crime is just too horrible for words.

It is nevertheless important to put the issue into perspective

In the USA an appalling 17 out of every 1000 Catholic priests have been found guilty of sexual abuse, which is a shocking 1 in 59.  In the UK the figures are much lower: 4 in every 1000 priest have been accused (fewer still have been convicted) - that is one in 250 accused.  Appalling as these figure are, you are, statistically speaking, safer leaving a child in the care of a Catholic priest than you are leaving a child in the care of a teacher, a youth leader, a doctor, a lawyer, a farmer or indeed a family member, for all these groups offend more frequently than do Catholic priests.  Catholic priests are actually at the bottom of the ladder.

So why the media blitz on the Church?  Simple: the current hounding of the Church by the secular media has absolutely nothing to do with concern for children and everything to do with a deep latent hatred of the Catholic Church.  This deeply bias propaganda is comparable to the sort of evil cant that Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, used to spew out about the Jews and their rabbis.  Anti-Catholicism, unlike anti-Semitism, is considered a respectable (indeed, mandatory) prejudice by the secular left.

The second thing one needs to do is accurately identify and name the problem.

All the independent studies that have been carried out have demonstrated that over eight out of ten of the victims (in some independent studies it has been as high as nine out of ten) were not children strictly speaking, but adolescent males (i.e. teenage boys).  That should tell anyone without a liberal bias to defend that the problem is not paedophilia but homosexuality.

Rome is not blameless, for the root cause of the problem is the plethora of effete liberal bishops she has foisted on the Church in the aftermath of Vatican II.  These men, desperate to embrace the secular liberal agenda, opened their seminaries to homosexuals, and they flooded in.  Entirely predictably, a significant number of these men have proved to be predatory sodomites.  This problem was further exacerbated by the fact that a significant number of the bishops were themselves homosexuals and were thus willing and anxious to cover up the sins of their clergy.  Had post-Conciliar bishops not started wilfully ordaining homosexuals there never would have been a significant “child abuse scandal”, so-called, in the first place.

So why is this truth, which is no more than the bleeding obvious, never addressed by the media or the Church?  Again the answer is simple: both the media and large sections of the western Church are currently in hock to the militant homosexual collective - sometimes unkindly referred to as the Lavender Mafia.  One has only to listen to Archbishop Vincent Nicholls defending his bizarre decision to sanction regular Masses for militant homosexuals who flaunt, celebrate and seek to advance their disordered inclinations and impure and unnatural life styles, to realise the truth of that last sentence.  How many Catholics forty years ago would have guessed that one day they would listen to a successor of St Augustine pimping for perverts?  Why are there no similar Masses for shop lifters, drug peddlers, paedophiles or sadomasochists, one may ask?  I‘m sure they, and indeed many others who suffer from disordered inclinations, would appreciate a Mass where they are “accepted” and encouraged to promote their moral disorders.

Recently, Cardinal Bertone, one of the Pope’s right hand men, was courageous enough to point out that most independent experts agreed that the problem is homosexuality – his statement put one in immediate danger of being trampled underfoot by the frenzied stampede of English bishops frantic to distance themselves from it.  Yet further evidence, if needed, that large sections of the western church are compromised by their now habitual obsequious stance before the militant homosexual collective.

Liberal fatwas and the bigotry of some militant atheists

Just before the Pope’s arrival a number of secular Ayatollahs wrote to the Guardian protesting the visit of Benedict XVI.  On their “charge sheet” of course was the issue of child abuse.  On the list of the usual suspects was Peter Tatchell, a man who has built a career out of campaigning for legalised paedophilia since the 1990s! 

On June 26th 1997 the Guardian published an article by Mr Tatchell, defending a book called “Boy-Love”.  This book Tatchell argued was not shocking but “courageous”.  The book he applauded documented “societies where consenting inter-generational sex is considered normal”.  He gave an example of a New Guinea tribe where “all young boys have sex with older warriors as part of their initiation into manhood” [One might be excused for wondering if they “all” do it, just how consensual it is] and allegedly grow up to be “happy, well-adjusted husbands and fathers”.  Mr Tatchell further wrote: “Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the ages of nine to 13.  None feel they were abused.  All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy … it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful.”  Further, in 2008 Mr Tatchell had an article published in an Irish paper in which he argued that the law should allow adults to have sexual access to fourteen year olds.

So there you have it, buggering little boys is fine provided it is done by some depraved tribe or one of Mr Tatchell’s friends but not by a Catholic priest!  There can be no more stomach churning humbug than the wheeling out by the media of men of the likes of Peter Tatchell to attack the Pope for the Church’s failures to adequately address the issue of abusive clergy.  Mr Tatchell’s way to protect children from abuse is by redefining it so that adults who succeed in persuading children that they want sex aren't guilty.  Indeed, were the law changed to accommodate the views of militant gays like the Teflon coated Mr Tatchell, abusive priests would no longer be criminals but legal lovers!

The opposition to the papal visit came from an unholy rat pack of condom waver, abortion peddlers, anal-copulating pimps, feminism fanatics and value-free sex-ed ideologues (and they tell us Catholics are obsessed with sex!).  This sordid collective of those whose centre of gravity appears to be permanently fixed six inches below their belt buckles have already advanced into our primary schools and ensures that pornography seeps like sewage from million of teenagers’ bedroom computers.  They will clearly not be content until they rule the world and have dismantled every last moral barrier.

And therein lays the rub.  The only institution big and powerful enough to stand in their way is the Catholic Church.  The Church may be undermined by the sex abuse scandals and compromised by the weak leadership of men of the ilk of Archbishop Vincent Nicholls who prefer to genuflect before the Zeitgeist than Catholic truth, and peddles diversity and equality like a card-carrying Marxists, but the Church has a history of rising from the ashes and there will always be a large remnant of genuine Catholic who, bloodied but unyielding, will not back down in this culture war … and we may take heart from the fact that we will not stand alone, there will always be others willing to stand with us.

If the campaign against the papal visit was really about protecting children, the signatories would have ensured that the egregious Mr Tatchell wasn't allowed within a mile of it - they didn't, because it isn't.  Nevertheless, we should be grateful to Mr Tatchell for, unlike most of his ilk, he is honest enough to point out where the sexual revolution is headed.

Has the Church done enough?

Of course not!  Whilst I have not the slightest doubt of the sincerity of Benedict XVI’s horror at what he calls these “unspeakable crimes”, the fact is that it is action that Catholics seek, not words.  It is a depressing fact that nowhere in the entire world has a single bishop been disciplined for covering up child abuse and protecting the criminals - not one!  On the contrary, Cardinal Law, one of the most prolific protectors of clerical child abusers in history, was called to Rome by JPII and given a plumb job!

homosexuality|gay|sodomy|sexual abuseCardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, who moved child sexual predators (Father Michael Hill among several others) around during his time as bishop of Arundel and Brighton, keep popping up during the recent papal visit.  Furthermore, he has also been given the job of helping sort out the Irish Churches sexual predator problem - one honestly couldn’t make that one up.  Can one imagine anyone in the secular world retaining such a position of responsibility with such appalling form?

homosexuality|gay|sodomy|sexual abuseTo understand the uncertain leadership and mixed messages Rome continues to put out: one needs merely to recall again that something in the order of ninety per cent of the perpetrators of clerical sexual abuse are homosexuals and then reflect that one of the supporting cast in the papal visit, the current Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols, encourages, justification and promotes homosexuality via his Warwick Street Masses and cannot even bring himself to state that the church will never bless the unions of sodomites!

Hypocrisy on steroids!

Before Vatican ll we were taught that the four marks of the Church were that she is one, holy, catholic and apostolic.  Today, one can surely add a fifth mark: humbug - and the predatory sodomites in the ministry and their episcopal protectors are not the only charlatans.  The sex abuse scandal has given the post-Conciliar Roman Protestants who fill our pews - the fruits of forty years of the Novus Ordo - the perfect excuse for apostasy.  Tens of thousands who had never been abused, nor ever met anyone who has been, have found a perfect excuse to lie in bed Sunday morning.  One can only assume that, according to what passes for logic among this generation of frauds, the fact that some moral degenerate who should never have been ordained violated young people, proves that the Son of God did not become man, redeem them on Calvary and found the Catholic Church?


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