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Charles Darwin Hoax - 2A list of hoaxes perpetrated by the devotees of Charles Darwin to prop up their theory of evolution, especially human evolution

To be absolutely honest, these scams do not prove evolution to be false. What they do clearly indicate however, is the mindset of many scientists, who are so desperate for evolution to be true that they will cling to anything, even fabricated evidence, if it seems to support this doctrine.   However, in reality it is not science, but their atheism, that is driving this dogma, for whereas the Christian is free to make up his mind on the evidence, the atheist absolutely needs evolution to be true.

A list of intelligently designed scams carried out by Darwin's disciples to support their religion's creation myth

Archaeoraptor: Piltdown bird - COMING SOON

Ernst Haeckel's embryo drawings: To aquire a feel for that "mountain of evidense" supporting the theory of evolution that Darwinists keep telling us about, just reflect on the fact that these drawing, until the were exposed as another scam, constituted for 100 years the main argument for this secular creation myth.

Peppered moths: If scientists are so intelligent, why did it take Darwinians fifty years to spot the discarded tin of Super Glue?

Piltdown man: If scientists are so intelliegent, why did it take Darwinians another fifty years to spot the baseball cap on Piltdown man?

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Intelligible Design and Darwin's Black Box  It might have been plausible, in the naïve days of the 19th century, to speak of the ascent of higher forms of life from lower forms, of a movement from the simple to the complex.  But that is no longer possible for the simple reason that we cannot find a “simple” form of life ...



The devotees of the Darwinian secular creation myth rely heavily on one simple trick: a series of drawing allegedly illustrating a progression from ape to modern man.  This is a clever con simply because it is so plausible.  We all know that species adapt to fit their environment.  Men who live in mountainous regions have a larger lung capacity to cope with the reduced oxigen in the amosphere for example.  But that is not what Darwinism requires us to believe.  Darwinism requies us to believe that we evolved from earth worms, slugs or earwigs, or indeed even lower life forms.

Richard Dawkins regards Catholics as credulous because they believe that the Great God who threw the stars into their orbits and knit you and me together in our mothers' wombs can turn bread and wine into the body, blood, soul and divinity of His Son.  But Dawkins believes that the Great Nothingness that he worships can turn slugs into human beings!  And he believes Catholic are gullible!

The second trick used by secularists is to propose two alternatives; a literal interpretation of Genesis, i.e. the cosmos was created in six literal 24-hour days with God taking a breather on the seventh day, or their survival of the fittest evolutionary creed.  But it is perfectly reasonable to reject evolution as a secular creation myth without embracing a literal interpretation of Genesis.  In dealing wit a mystery as propound as being, there is no disgrace in being a "don't know".  As Ann Coulter rather cleverly expressed it, one can be a restaurant critic without owning one's own restaurant.


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