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Are Roman Catholicism and Catholics right?

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  1. The History of Protestantism is the History of Anti-Catholicism: The problem with discussing Catholicism with many native English-speakers is that they come to the table loaded down with so much baggage.  They have been formed by 400 years of anti-Catholic propaganda.  Consequently, their negative view of Catholicism is in the national subconscious, it is in our blood.  If a man actually believes at the level of his sub-conscious that a rosebush is a man-eating tiger, then he will jump and break out in a sweat of fear when he passes a rosebush regardless of the fact that at the level of conscious thought he knows that this is absurd. More:

  2. Information on Finding Happiness: The consideration of the above question has been enormously complicated by modern man’s abandonment of the very notion of objective moral truth!  One may hear for example people say such gobbledegook as: “Whether an unborn child is a person or not is a matter of opinion.”  As a culture we have learned to talk out of both sides of our mouths at once, because this is certainly not the way we actually live our lives.  No one for example drives with eyes shut on the premise that whether it is safer to drive with one’s eye shut is a matter of personal opinion.  More:

  3. The Veracity and Harmony of the Four Gospels: The following essay does not demonstrate that the four Gospels are ‘inspired’ or the ‘Word of God’.  Indeed, it is nonsense to start a faith journey with such an unreasonable assertion of blind faith. The purpose is far more pedestrian, merely to establish that the New Testament in general, and the Gospels in particular, are reliable history.  More:

  4. Who is Jesus Christ?: The purpose of this essay is not to prove that the Catholic claim that Christ was God is right. The purpose is much less ambitious, merely to answer the question: what does history tell us that Christ personally claimed about Himself?  More:

  5. Over 1000 Prochecies:  There are according to scholars a total of 1,093 prophecies in the Old Testament that are fulfilled in Jesus Christ and His Church.  Christ Himself said "All things must needs be fulfilled, which are written in the Law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning me."  Luke 24:44.  More:

  6. Jesus Christ proves His claim to be God: The claim that Christ is God is as implausible today as it was 2000 years ago.  That a man who was born of a woman and died on a cross, a man who got tired and hungry and angry and wept at his friend's tomb, that this man who earned his living as a tradesman should be God, seems quite frankly the most crackpot idea that has ever entered the mind of man. More

  7. Are non-Catholic churches true churches? Great men and women fall into two broad categories.  There are those who left no clear organisation to carry on their work, merely leaving it to providence, and there are those who put a well thought-out structure in place to continue their work.  It is the contention of this essay that Christ falls very clearly into the second category: Christ intentionally left behind Him the organised institution that we call the Catholic Church. More

  8. The Crusades: Anti-Catholic bigots both without and within the Church would have us believe that the Crusades were an example of the wickedness of the medieval Church.  And they get away with their black propaganda because of the abysmal historical ignorance of almost everybody educated in the last fifty years. More

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