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Itchy Rectum or Itchy Bum Hole

Itchy Anus or Anal Itching

By: Andy Lawson

Itchy bum hole graphicI suffered from anal itching for decades.  At best it was a mild irritation and at worst it was like sitting on hot coals; so, if you have a similar problem, you have my sympathy.  The medics only made matters worse: proscribing creams that reduced the itching but thinned the skin and left me bleeding whenever I scratched.

In desperation, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  After a lot of research and much trial and error (some of which were a little drastic and definitely not to be recommended) I eventually put together the following four step program that worked like a dream.  Not only did I clear up a thirty year itch in a fortnight, I have had no further problem for at least five years.

A word of caution: if you have the slightest reason to suspect that your itch might be more than that caused by the micro organisms that flourish in hot, damp, dark, insanitary crevasse of the body, do consult your doctor; I would hate to learn that you had delayed treatment of anal cancer to use my system!

The Four Steps Itchy Bum Therapy

Step 1 - Diet

Remove or reduce, as far as practical, carbohydrates, especially refined carbohydrates, from your diet.  This includes cereals, sugar, cakes and pastries, biscuits, sweets, bread (especially white), rice, potatoes and bananas.   There is evidence that carbohydrates help create the optimum environment for the yeast and little beasties that cause the itch to flourish.

Reducing the carbohydrates in your diet will also have other health benefits: stabilising your blood sugars and help you to loose weight for example - see also: Atkin's Diet.

Step 2 - Hygiene

First thing in the morning, last thing at night and every time you defecate, step into the shower and thoroughly wash around your back passage, the cleavage of your buttocks and your genitalia with a soft sponge.

A safety note: it is important, especially if you are female, to wash your genitalia before your back passage, because there are germs that reside in the rectum that, if they get into the bladder, can cause serious problems.

Rinse thoroughly: if possible use a shower head, one of those that fit over the bath attached by a flexible hose, which can be taken down and used in your hand, are ideal for this.

On going maintenance: once you get on top of the problem you can experiment with reducing the frequency of washing, but I would recommend that you continue washing immediately after defecating if possible.  In circumstances where this is not possible, keep some medicated wet-wipes with you.

Step 3 - Drying

Thorough drying is crucial.  The micro-organisms that cause the itch need moisture to flourish.  Your object is to get the cleavage of your buttocks so dry; these little beasties think they have just been catapulted into the middle of the Gobi Desert.
Pat dry with a soft towel and then soak up any remaining dampness with toilet tissue or a kitchen towel.  Next use a hairdryer for at least two minutes to get the area thoroughly dry.
Ongoing maintenance: once you are on top of the problem, you can leave out the hairdryer, and even possibly the tissue.  Once the area has healed you can risk scrubbing more vigourously with a towel, but it remains important to dry yourself methodically.

Step 4 - Medication

itchy anus graphicI tried so many things that I cannot even recall all of them, but the one product that works, and works extremely well is Germoloids® HC Spray, I stress the Spray, not the various creams that are available.  Sometimes Boots stock this, if not you may need to purchase it online. 

Initially use it every time you wash and dry yourself, but as you start to get on top of your problem you can reduce its usage to twice and then once a day.

Ongoing maintenance: you need to experiment and find what works for you: you can try once every other day, or twice a week, etc.  However, be prepared to return to the once a day routine if you find things deteriorating, and make sure you always have a spare one in the bathroom cabinet ready to stop any recurrence of the problem in its tracks.

There is a warning on this product that should be read before use.  This includeds a warning against continual use.  This is because hydrocortisone is believed to cause the skin to thin.  However, the consentration is only 2 parts per 1,000 and I can only say that I have not experenced this problem.


Follow the above simple routine scrupulously for a couple of weeks and I guarantee that you will be able to get on top of this unpleasant little problem for ever.


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